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Our targeted solutions remove black streaks, extend your roof’s life, and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Considering the high cost associated with roof replacement, investing in professional roof cleaning is a wise decision for your peace of mind. Many people are unaware that their roof manufacturers recommend hiring a professional roof cleaning company for regular maintenance to preserve the roof’s life. We specialize in soft wash cleaning methods endorsed by leading roof manufacturers and are the preferred way to maintain your roof properly. This method is suited for all roof types and is aimed at maintaining your roof’s pristine appearance long-term.

Leveraging advanced equipment, our team performs cleanings from the ground or via ladder, eliminating the need to walk on your roof, thereby preserving its integrity. Above all, we prioritize the safety, efficiency, and thoroughness of our work to not just meet but exceed your expectations.

Benefits of our Woodstock Roof Washing Services

Those dark streaks aren’t just dirt; they’re colonies of Gloeocapsa Magma algae. These uninvited guests, along with a host of bacteria, are airborne algae that settle and multiply on roofs, leading to those unsightly streaks.

But it’s more than an eyesore. This algae promotes moss, lichens, and fungi, all of which will erode your shingles. Left unchecked, this can cause extensive damage, compromising your roof’s integrity.

The future of exterior cleaning with Blue Mountain Exteriors! Our innovative technology redefines clean, offering the ability to customize our cleaning solutions from the concentration of our eco-friendly soaps to the fine-tuning of pH levels, we can adapt to tackle the unique challenges of every client, and without needing to walk on your roof.

With Blue Mountain Exteriors touch, your roof becomes a standout feature, offering a beautiful first impression that instantly elevates your home’s curb appeal.

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Our unique blend of technology, specialized equipment, and experience ensures quality. We’re dedicated to safety, eco-friendly solutions, and building strong client relationships. With our passionate team, exceeding your expectations is our mission.

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Frequently Asked Roof Washing Questions

Not our process! Blue Mountain Exteriors’ cleaning methods are endorsed by leading roof manufacturers and are the preferred way to maintain your roof properly. The real threat to your roof is the biological growth like Gleocapsa Magma, responsible for those unsightly black streaks. Our treatment protects against this growth, keeping your roof clear for up to five times longer than traditional cleaning techniques.
Certainly! Blue Mountain Exteriors offers a three-year warranty. Should the algae reappear within three years of your service, we will return and re-treat the affected area free of charge.
Several variables affect the pricing of roof soft washing services. Factors such as the roof’s size, number of stories, slope, ease of access, current condition, and the type of roofing material primarily determine the cost. As a result, prices may vary. Typically, for a roof that measures 2000 square feet, you can expect the cost to be between $600 and $1300.

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